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圣保罗最佳诚信,每日新闻播报(September 16)

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圣保罗最佳诚信,每日新闻播报(September 16)

圣保罗最佳诚信,recovered pieces of bronzeware have a history of over 2,500 years. [photo/china daily]

>bronzeware returned to china


eight lost pieces of chinese bronzeware with a history of over 2,500 years were returned from japan in august, the national cultural heritage administration announced on tuesday.


in early march, the ritual artifacts from the early stages of spring and autumn period (770-476 bc) appeared in an auction catalog in tokyo.


however, this set of bronzeware was believed to have been illegally taken out of china.


diplomatic negotiations and a criminal investigation soon began to seek the return of the eight artifacts.


the auction that had been scheduled for march 12 was suspended by the japanese auctioneer.


a shanghai resident surnamed zhou, who was the auction client, emerged as the likely responsible party in the case.


he finally agreed to hand over the artifacts in july, and the chinese embassy in tokyo received them on aug 20.


the artifacts arrived in china on aug 23.


the ancient bronzes will be included in an upcoming major exhibition on the achievements of cultural relic repatriation since founding of new china in 1949. the exhibition will be open at the national museum of china on sept 17.



>one suicide every 40 seconds


the number of people worldwide who die from suicide is declining but one person still kills themselves every 40 seconds, according to new figures from the world health organization, which said countries needed to do more to stop these preventable deaths.


between 2010 and 2016, the global suicide rate decreased by 9.8%, the un health body said in its second report on the issue.


the only region to see an increase was the americas.


"every death is a tragedy for family, friends and colleagues. yet suicides are preventable. we call on all countries to incorporate proven suicide prevention strategies into national health and education programs in a sustainable way," said who director-general, dr tedros adhanom ghebreyesus.


who said close to 800,000 people die by suicide every year, more than those lost to malaria, breast cancer, or war and homicide, calling it a "serious global public health issue."


it said only 38 countries currently have suicide prevention strategies.


cambridge university. [photo/china daily]

>u-turn on student visas


foreign students will be allowed to stay in the uk for two years after graduating, in a policy u-turn on post-visa studies.


the new strategy, announced by prime minister boris johnson, is aimed at boosting the appeal of britain as a university destination for overseas students.


from 2021, international students who enroll on undergraduate, postgraduate or phd courses in the uk will be able to stay in the country for two years after they graduate.


international students are currently only permitted to remain in the uk for up to four months after completing their studies under rules that were introduced by theresa may when she was the home secretary.


there are currently 460,000 foreign university students in the uk, generating £20 billion per year through education exports.


under european union (eu) laws, tuition fees for british and eu students are capped at £9,250 per year, but there is no limit on what universities can charge international students.


[photo/japan times]

>stamps to identify gropers


a new device aimed at tackling sexual harassment on crowded trains and public transport has sold out just half an hour after it went on sale in japan.


the "anti-groping" stamps, manufactured by stamp-maker shachihata, allow victims of harassment to mark their assailants with invisible ink, and also provide a deterrent to would-be attackers.


a limited run of 500 stamps, which retailed at 2,500 yen, sold out within 30 minutes of going on sale, a company spokesman said.


the mark is not visible under sunlight, making it very discreet in public, and is quick to use as there is no lid.


yayoi matsunaga, head of the groping prevention activities center, said the move was "very meaningful."


the release of an anti-groping product "should have a big impact on society, which could lead to deterrence," she added.


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